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180 shoot days per year, we’ve become very efficient at creating effective visuals with a small footprint.  Our base package starts with a Ford Transit Connect, which can park anywhere. Two pre-loaded rolling equipment carts, and a cross trained crew of two.

Our crew can manage small greenscreen setups, teleprompter, interviews, host clips, product demos, b-roll, product application shots, exterior scenics, mini jib moves, slider shots, Steadicam.

Based on years of production experience we’ve merged the design of a fast pace news van with top level digital cinema equipment. Plus we have a core team that work constantly in a mix of mediums, broadcast, advertising, corporate communications.

Check out our gear section for equipment specifics.

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We have worked with broadcast television and motion picture camera systems for 20 years.  Every work week is a different mix of formats, optics, and workflows.

Production Support

From a simple interview light kit to a 3 ton grip truck, all owned in house.


15″ daylight viewable, camera mounted, teleprompter package.  Driven via a 13″ Mac Book Pro computer. Available to operate on AC power or via batteries for

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3 Ton Grip Truck

3 Ton Grip Truck Package 16’ Isuzu box with 8’x7’ liftgate.   Most equipment preloaded on carts for fast load in and wrap out.  American grip stands,

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Silder / Dolly

  4′ to 20′ track lengths.  Fast to deploy, can support a teleprompter.  Refined from years of operating to simply the slider and remove the need for

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Small Jib

5′ jib, supports up to 30 pounds.  Great for b-roll and product shots.    

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Our base production package, with a 2-person crew, includes the following audio kit. (2) wireless lav mics (2) hardwire lav mics (1) boom mic (4)

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Light Kit

A 6 light kit travels in our camera truck, inside a dedicated cart.  We can work off the truck directly, without offloading carts, via two

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David Winters – Director of Photography

David has worked as a professional Director of Photography since 1998.   His specialty is short format advertising for television and online.  In 2014 he covered 196 shoot days.   David has lensed projects which have aired on the the top four US tv networks and numerous cable channels.

In 2010 David co-founded, an online video platform embraced by product manufactures, feature film laboratories and ad agencies to distribute video content. David continues to advise the development team at Oculu.

In 2002 David co-founded Innovate Media Group, LLC. For 10 years David managed Innovate’s production staff, from the approved script stage, to shoot days, editorial, encoding, and prep for distribution.

Prior to Innovate Media he held the position of Creative Director at 421 Interactive.

David resides in Orange County, California with his wife and son.  He is a fulltime employee of Winters Media Group, Inc. and is equipped to shoot worldwide for production companies, agencies, television networks and corporate clients.

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